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Slim Sculpt Lipo Laser Fat Reduction

Release the Thin Within

shape-and-tone SLIM SCULPT is a Non-invasive Body Contouring system that effectively removes EXESS FAT by targeting and shrinking fats cells with no pain and no downtime in  relaxing 20 minute treatments.  You CAN LOSE INCHES and feel great while embarking on a lifestyle changing program  of HEALTH and WELLNESS.  The SLIM SCULPT System is designed specifically to address fat reduction and inch loss of unwanted fat in targeted areas. The Slim Sculpt body contouring system will literally melt inches off your body. When used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle program you can get tremendous results, feel better and keep the unwanted fat off.

These devices provide all the efficacy of liposuction without the need for surgery and related complications of pain and recovery time. It also avoids the lumpy appearance of missed fat cells that swell back up with fat after the liposuction procedure.

Slim Sculpt Provides amazing results in reducing unwanted fat on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, back, arms and chin.  Slim Sculpt system is the only system on the market that offers flexible pads for better coverage offering more lights for better penetration.  The wavelengths the lights provide penetrates the fat cell opening up the cell to release triglycerides and cholesterol into your lymphatic system to be eliminated causing the fat cell to shrink.

The SLIM SCULPT is 100% non-invasive, LED & IR technology with no known side effects.

  • NO SURGERY        
  shape- up Jodi –
I elected to do the full body Slim Sculpting program that included the cleanse and detox program and I lost inches everywhere and feel great.
before-after-pics Michelle – I was a little unsure of this type of treatment but I did some research and decided to try it.  In 12 sessions I lost 4 inches in my mid-section. I am thrilled with my outcome.

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An unexpected Benefit of Slim Sculpt Laser Light Therapy

If you are looking for a completely safe and natural answer to your aches and pains, look no further. Slim Sculpt has been shown to greatly enhance the body’s ability to heal itself while reducing pain and inflammation!  The results include diminished pain, reduced inflammation, decreased edema, faster healing times and increased strength of repaired tissues. Slim Sculpt helps a wide range of conditions including:

+Bursitis  +Back Pain  +Wound Healing  +Muscle Pain  +Skin Disorders