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Reasonable Pricing

Area Treatment Price
Small Area Uni Brow - Lip - Chin - Nose - Side Burns - Cheeks - Navel - Nipples - Womens Hands - Womens Feet $79.99 Per Treatment
Medium Areas Front or Back of Neck - Under Arms - Bikini Line - Mens Hands - Mens Feet - Full Face - Lower or Upper Arms $89.99 Per Treatment
Large Areas Abdomen - Chest - Upper Back - Thighs - Lower Legs - Brazilian - Buttocks - Shoulders $119.99 Per Treatment
Extra Large Areas Abdomen & Chest - Full Back - Thighs & Lower Legs - Brazilian & Buttocks $149.99 Per Treatment

Additional Information

Clients ask why our prices are so affordable?  It is simple, we keep our overhead and expenses low so we can pass them on to you.  We provide great friendly service that is effective at affordable prices.  Look around and see what is out there.  Shop and compare.  You may find a lower price on Groupon but you will not get better service for the price you pay here are Simply Silk Laser Hair Removal.  We also provide a discount on our already low prices when you purchase a package of 6 treatments or multiple areas.  We want you to feel like you are appreciated so that you feel comfortable about referring a friend or family member.