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Are you tired of shaving your legs every week or every other day?  How long does it take you to shave each leg?  5 to 7 minutes per leg? What does it cost for that razor each time you have to shave your legs week after week, month after month, year after year?  When you think about the time and cost as a whole it adds up.  Since you are reading this you are considering laser hair removal.  Laser Hair Removal is the best solution for any hair you want to have removed because it effectively kills the hair follicle and therefore prevents hair from growing. Shaving and waxing is not a solution and is a constant process.  Both thighs are considered a Large Area and both lower legs are also a Large Area.  Both thighs and lower legs together are considered an Extra Large Area.  If you are looking for a professional environment with great service and good results at affordable prices, call today to schedule your first appointment 401-424-4411.  If you are not sure, consultations are free of charge.