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Manscaping – a new term for a new trend. It is being defined as the guy version of getting cleaned up. That means getting rid of all that hair, smelling good, keeping your parts in order, and making a good impression on others. It is about feeling good about yourself. (Yes, manscaping can have a positive effect on your confidence levels.)

About 25% of laser hair removal clients are men. Guys that don’t want to shave their face, neck or head every day are electing to have it permanently removed. Arm pit hair!!! Guys you don’t like to see it on a woman, the secret is they don’t like to see it on you. What looks better? Hair all over your arms, chest and back or nice smooth clean looking skin.

hairymen     young-man-back-laser-hair-removal         chest-hair-removal-methods-for-men

More and more guys are coming in and getting their hair removed and their significant others are appreciating it. Men are electing to have their private areas done as well as their legs.  When the hair is gone it is so much easier to stay fresh and clean.  Don’t be a cave man.  Come out of your cave and join the new world. Your significant other will enjoy you more.

If you are ready to join the trend, call my office today at 401- 424-4411. Consultations are free and our price and services are outstanding.