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Unless you were a bodybuilder or a swimmer, body hair removal was considered only for women.  That is not the case today.  Body hair removal is very popular today for both men and women.  For men, a hairy chest is just not in vogue and many men are opting for laser hair removal. Waxing is painful and shaving is time consuming with the hair growing back in just a matter of days. Simply Silk provides a safe and effective solution for men looking to show off their pecs and abs!  Call 401-424-4411 today for a Simply Silk solution. The chest is considered a Large Area. The abdomen is a Large Area. The chest and abdomen combined is an Extra Large Area.

chest-hair-removal-methods-for-men                 chest

Ladies!!!!   Are you growing hair on your chest?  If you are entering into menopause or having hormonal changes, more than likely you are growing hair where you do not want hair to be growing.  Simply Silk Laser Hair Removal treats many patients just like you looking for bare skin and not bear skin.  Call today 401-424-4411 and schedule an appointment.